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When will my car be ready?

The following are steps that are taken to get your car repaired and you back on the road:

Step 1: Vehicle is Disassembled & Inspected

Vehicle is being taken apart to see all damage on vehicle

Photos documenting the inner damage are taken

Insurance company authorizes the repair amount

Vehicle owner authorizes repairs to begin

Step 2: Awaiting Parts from Supplier

Parts order is faxed to the parts vendor

Vendor confirms parts order and options

Vendor notifies Sacramento Body and Paint of any back ordered parts

G&R Body and Paint receives the parts for the repairs

Step 3: Vehicle in Structural Realignment

Vehicle set up on unibody/full frame repair equipment

Realign structure of the vehicle to factory specifications

GDS sonic measuring device confirms structure measurements are within factory tolerance

Step 4: Vehicle in Body Department

New panels prepared and installed on the vehicle

Panels for repair are prepared and completed

Glass noted for removal is taken out.

Damage to the inner panels is repaired

All work inspected, initial tests done, ready to move to the paint department

Step 5: Vehicle being Prepared for Paint Application

Primer and sealers applied to body parts

Primers are sanded to prepare surface for topcoating

vehicle pressure washed to remove contaminants and sanding residue

Chemical cleaning done to grease and contaminant residue

Vehicle bagged to eliminate overspray

Vehicle panels to be refinished are masked off

Step 6: Vehicle in Paint Application Department

Vehicle placed into down draft spray booth oven

Vehicle undergoes a multi-step refinishing process

Vehicle finish is baked at 140 degrees for 20 minutes

Vehicle taken to cool down area

Step 7: Vehicle is being Polished

Removal of any slight surface imperfection by sanding with 2000 grit sandpaper

Polish finish to mirror shine with foam buffing pads

Remove excess compound residue and unmask vehicle

Step 8: Vehicle is being Reassembled

All systems reinstalled into vehicle (a/c, cooling, brake)

Vehicle put back together and trim reinstalled

All repairs checked by technician for correctness

Step 9: Vehicle is in Final Quality Control

Vehicle undergoes up to 124 point inspection depending on severity of the damage

Quality control manager checks for correctness, fit, and finish of the repairs performed

Vehicle allowed into detail for cleaning of vehicle to begin

Step 10: Vehicle is in Final Wash Department

Vehicle interior cleaned

Vehicle exterior cleaned

Repairs checked again for correctness

All remaining compound removed

Repair areas glazed and final inspection by the RPM performed

Vehicle is Finished

All insurance paperwork finalized

Payments and guarantee of payments arranged with the insurance company

Owner informed the vehicle is completed

Owner and shop schedule time for vehicle to be picked up